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Egypt, I love you.

27 Mar

I’m not sure I have ever gotten into the discussion of my opinions of Canada or my love of revolutions(anthropologically speaking), on this blog but I have to say this: Egypt has had me enthralled this past four months. Far before our media was reporting movement in Egypt I was reading the signs of an important change in the political waters.

I’m just so proud of them, so very very proud. Merci, thank you.

The folloing pictures are Allan Taylor’s work for the Atlantic

Facebook and its addicts are the scum of the Earth.

5 Sep
Image representing Bebo as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Don’t like my opinions? I have more.

I rejoined Bebo today, the social network you know little about. There’s something about it that seems slightly more mature, and several shit-tons less addictive. It’s basically where I keep my stats. My Stats House if you will, and I’ll have a link to my profile on the side bar to the left so you can see what I mean, drop me a line, maybe add me as a friend (why must we call it “friends”?).

Anyway enjoy your weekend, I’m buying whiskey.


A response to 93%

25 Aug

93% is not the percentage of things I am neither sure or unsure about.

It is the percentage of overall star dust that makes up the human body.

And now you know! :D

Thank you to:

  • Raquel Gomez
  • Taylor Wilson
  • Marcus Hattes
  • Amber Jones
  • Olivia Hersey

You’re up lifting and fascinating comments are greatly valued. And thank you to all of my subscribers for keeping me on track when I slack off and the to anonymous buyers of my hipster Tees, more to come I assure you!

Less Than Three,



18 Aug

Thinking back I can’t recall a time after the divorce that I was ever 100% sure of anything.

I knew we were in trouble when Dad packed us cold toast for lunch, I wasn’t sure I’d ever see jam again. I’d watch TV and wonder if Batman would win this round, would the Fraggles continue to fuck with the Dozers, would Starsky ever let me ride in the Torino, could I be his girlfriend? I knew things we’re utterly different when I heard my Dad, locked away in his room, weep from the weight of it all. Would any of us smile?

I spent every day from the moment it all changed holding everything close to my heart, smiling, and making promises that everything would turn out because it had to. It always did, but this time I wasn’t sure.

I played mommy to the baby, and a crutch to my devastated father, blinded by grief. I learned to smile when talked to, lying became second nature. I understood quickly that my strength in the face of so much would be what brought us all through to the other side.

Natural creative instincts helped me concocted the  person for the job and by seventh grade she was perfectly crafted. A strong, sarcastic, opinionated and bold girl. No one messed with her, she wasn’t bullied she wasn’t bothered. Did people actually like her? She wasn’t sure.

Highschool brought an active social life. Many surface friends, a few closer and lots of events. In her circle she was successfully part of the social elite. With most events involving her plans, her home or her approval.

She was the perfect girl for the job. Survival Girl, Grandfather dies? Bring it! Uncle dies? Let’s do this. This was what she was made for. Nothing and no one could get through her. I was sure.

But then nothing happened. She waited and nothing happened at all. Survival Girl needed a crisis! After all, that’s who she is, why she exists…Now what?

Survival Girl was bored, tried making up reasons to exist before I realised she wasn’t needed and then start to remember who I actually am. Oh no!  Who am I?

I’m not sure.

Ha ha ha ha (still laughing)

1 Aug

Charlie: “Alright, what’s going on here?”

Edward: *Silence*

Jacob: “. . . I kissed Bella . . . and she broke her hand”

Charlie: ” . . . ”

Jacob: ” . . . punching my face. Total misunderstanding.”

It seems this week there has been a lot of Twilight talk so let’s get something straight.

1 Aug

I am now and always will be against abusive relationships, bad comedies (most comedies), western traditions, breeding (not to be confused with the act of), and pie . . . to name a few things. I am also extremely against horrid pop culture icons that confuse and dazzle the young masses for all the wrong reasons.
When it comes to living with so many opinions you learn to take a side, to make a stand even if it takes years to make a decision. Well my friends, I’ve come to a decision of my own.

My name is Ade and I am Team Jasper.

Phew! There, I said it.

It’s such a weight off my shoulders!

I can’t believe how easy it feels now that you know! I could run into the streets and just scream it to the world! I could buy a radio transmitter and send my glee-filled message to the stars! :D

But seriously,

I don’t believe in hating things because other people hate them. People who hate the Twilight saga, who have not ever been exposed to it are working with a mob mentality. Something we can so easily submit to. People who hate without reason are weak.

I know that sounds a little deep for anything concerning a book, but don’t forget how many people cry and scream and obsess over those books, and how many books have left a heavy impression on our society. Never, no matter how silly it seems, take a books impact lightly.

Twilight does in my opinion, only bomb in one way. The emotionally abusive bond between Ed and Bella leaves a frightening impression on our vulnerable youth. Bella rarely stands her ground and when it occurs it is drowned out by a quick paragraph concerning Ed’s over possessive need to keep her safe. It’s utterly terrifying to read/watch a young woman so completely entranced by her boyfriend that she willingly put’s herself in harm’s way.

This of course is not a new concept in our media. Lest we forget the over all concept of “love conquering all”. Oh yes, that dead horse beaten. . .

Alas I’ve ranted enough, back to what caused all of this. . . oh yes, Jasper. I swear to you if we had left out the teen hormones we would have had a much more loveable set of movies on our hands. Consider how well the Cullen’s, Jasper and Carlisle in particular would have fared as characters in “An Interview with a Vampire”. I honestly think there quite likely isn’t a sexier accent for a Classy Vamp’ than a Texan one. So ladies and gents, moms and their daughters you may keep your shirtless 17-year-old werewolves, and your expressionless under-acting pretty boy. I’ll take Jasper, Texan accent and all.

6 May