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We will not bow to masters or pay rent to the lords!

2 Apr

You poor take courage you rich take care!

Oh Billy Bragg

New Zealand, we didn’t pay attention

27 Mar

I’ve surprised myself by being uncomfortable with the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. No not the city it’s self or the beautiful people in it, the name. The name bothers me to pieces, it’s obvious who founded the city but for some reason I can’t help but feel like I’m swearing when I discuss it… This is unimportant.

What is important is our Western medias casual shrug at Christchurh’s 6.3 earthquake, killing 75.

Allan Taylor once again provides The Atlantic moving photos of the shaken community:

Egypt, I love you.

27 Mar

I’m not sure I have ever gotten into the discussion of my opinions of Canada or my love of revolutions(anthropologically speaking), on this blog but I have to say this: Egypt has had me enthralled this past four months. Far before our media was reporting movement in Egypt I was reading the signs of an important change in the political waters.

I’m just so proud of them, so very very proud. Merci, thank you.

The folloing pictures are Allan Taylor’s work for the Atlantic

My unlikey-do list #1

27 Mar

I am making a “Bucket List” of sorts, the “of sorts” part being that I don’t have any real plans of doing most of these but would do most of them in a heart beat if they were presented to me as a possibility.

I’ll put more up as I get around to it. Here’s number 1 on my list.

#1 Attend a feminist rally

27 Mar

27 Mar


27 Mar

I decided to return to blogging for a bit, no promises.

I’m sitting here listening to my large cache of communist music. I used to call it “socialist” music but really, who am I kidding here?

[Communist BBQ– Exit Clov]

Did you miss me? It’s okay I was busy and didn’t think of you either. It’s fine really.