The little things I can’t not do.

26 Sep
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  • Obsessively skin pick
  • Click my teeth to made-up beats
  • Major dyslexic tendencies
  • Drum fingers to made-up beats
  • Rub fingers together constantly
  • Wring hands constantly

When speaking or listening to someone (radio, tv, movie, in person) I will think about the last word they say, then the last letter in the word. The I’ll draw out the word (in the air, or on my seat) as many times as I seem to need to. There is never a set number of times, and if my hands aren’t free I’ll use my tongue with my mouth closed.

After that, I’ll obsess over what my last word will be, then my last letter. And oh the horror of thinking I wont have a last word!

What are some of the things you do? Come on, I know you’re all freaks like me.


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