22 Sep

Cognitive behavioural therapy helps people correct negative thought patterns and better adapt to the world around them.

Quick, run out into a highly populated area and grab the closest stranger to you. You’ve got a “one in five” chance of grabbing a very depressed person.

I, a human being of the planet Earth do not agree with that percentage in the least (because I have eyes and ears, I don’t know about you). I’m aiming a bit higher, let’s say one in three at least. Anyway the point is that out of five very depressed people one of them apparently wants to end their life, or at least that’s what Ashley told me over the summer of 2003.

It’s a memorable summer mainly because two people I love snuffed it and I was entering my junior year of High School. Life moves on whether you’re ready or not and in no time I was too busy to reflect. Depression and suicide statistics were a distant memory and things were going well. Then they found her in a tree, and boom, Ashley  became the statistics she always spoke  of. I’ve often thought she might have chosen hanging not because it was easy (it isn’t) but because the statistics of hangings in America have dropped rapidly over the last twenty-five years.

So here’s to you Ashley. I’ve kept my promise, kept going this long. “Stick around till the good parts are gone”.


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