Women. I will love them.

18 Aug

Jami: Last week a man-made a pass at me by saying, “You wouldn’t want to do something stupid with me, would you?”

All I could think was, “This is EXACTLY how I think about sexual encounters. They are stupid. Your stupid penis dangling near my stupid vagina.”

-Flicked Off (feature of: The Awl.com community…check them out!!!)

I love this woman.

In fact I want to love all the women. I want to cry and laugh and scream and eat  and travel with women. I want to release myself from the past twenty years of hating women because once a women gave birth to me, ruined everything, and left.

I want to know a strong woman who will inspire me to be strong, to love  and know myself.



One Response to “Women. I will love them.”

  1. onbey August 25, 2010 at 9:42 PM #

    I suppose I’ll just have to be that stong woman.
    That doesn’t sound so bad.

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