Smile, we’re all amazing.

15 Jul

Do you know what I did today while I was home alone? I smiled at an idea that was entirely my own. It came out of no where and brightened my spirits.

How lovely it is to smile alone, think about how rare those moments are. Try to think about the last time you were alone and smiled over a thought.It’s different for everyone but I’m happiest alone. Happy to sit and enjoy my thoughts, enjoy my cats, enjoy my writing.

True blue introvert speaking here, I spent the majority of my youth not knowing I was one and there is a certain peace that comes with knowing yourself better. Introverts are not recieved well in our scociety.

The majority of Americans are extraverted (about 75%), but the majority of gifted children appear to be introverted (about 60%), and the percentage of introverts seems to increase with IQ (Silverman, 1986). In addition to the problems encountered with being gifted, these children are frequently misjudged because they are introverted. Introversion is a perfectly normal personality type identified by Carl Jung. It is actually healthy to be an introvert. The only unhealthy part of it is denying your true self and trying to disguise yourself as an extravert.

Introverts are wired differently from extraverts and they have different needs. Extraverts get their energy from interaction with people and the external world. Introverts get their energy from within themselves; too much interaction drains their energy and they need to retreat from the world to recharge their batteries. People can be extreme extraverts, extreme introverts, or a combination of both. Since extraversion is the dominant mode in our society, there are no “closet extraverts,” but there are many “closet introverts,” people who are so ashamed of their introversion that they try to be extraverts.
Anyway I encourage you to spend some time alone, make some stress-free plans. I suggest doing something that doesn’t involve money. Pack a lunch! Grab a pal! Get some hootch, climb a tree. Have fun.



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