19 Jun

I’m trying to consciously obtain it. How may you ask am I going to go about this? Mainly I watch a lot of Fraiser, you know that spin-off show from the super early nineties? 1993 I believe..I don’t know GOOGLE IT.

There’s something about the snivelling, winey, over paid, pompous asshole, Kelsey Grammer that makes me feel better about my life. Or it could be that I just adore David Hyde Pierce? That at least is a sure thing, that I suppose and the little cat and mouse affair between his character and the ever lovely Jane Leeves. But why the hell should this be a step towards my happiness?

It feels like it is, that’s why. And on this theology alone I plane to discover happiness, by merely groping the planet for spiritual nutrients, seeking out all my mind needs and wants. Thus being in my most happy state. It’s tricky though, ask anyone who’s set out in search of such vague and fickle thing as happiness or inner peace.

Anyway if you were wondering where I was once again I was merely watching Frasier, hoping that this time Daphne will hear me shouting at the screen “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NILES IS IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! AGHHHHH”. My job is too easy in some aspects.


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