To live in A Softer World.

5 Jun

The highlight of my week has been without question meeting Joey Comeau. Joey is the author of Lockpick Pornography, Over Qualified, and One Bloody Thing After Another. He’s most well-known for being one half of a collaboration comic called A Softer World which he shares with photographer Emily Horne.

The intriguing Author was in Fredericton this past Wednesday promoting his newest release; One Bloody Thing After Another, a horrifying and beautifully sad novel. I sat down to read a bit of it and all of a sudden I had read the entire thing…at work.

Once most people had arrived and we had settled in, he sat down to read a little from some of his latest work. First impressions are important at these sorts of signings/readings as authors will be meeting both fans and people who have no idea who the author is or what they write. Joey was as charming as his anti-hero characters and every bit the humble genius. He read from Over Qualified (which I also bought and read in one sitting . . .at work).

Joey Comeau is the Lays Chips of Canadian Writers, there’s no putting down that book until it’s finished. And when it came time for questions, comments and hugs Joey made sure to greet everyone individually with a slightly goofy yet endearing “Hi Im Joey”.

The crowed was a good size, and you didn’t feel rushed to have your book signed and had enough time to stammer through some pleasantries whilst trying to not sound like a stalker or a crying screeming, obsessed fan (although he may have enjoyed that). It was all very civilised, typical of Fredericton. I wore my “kitten Tits” button and he looked dashing. I had my books signed “Ade, the end is near…er” and “I hope your cats don’t get eaten”.

And now:

After reading his work all I want to do is…

  • wear a cape at in opportune times
  • avenge my childhood
  • rob a candy store
  • ride my bike at night
  • swear
  • get smashed
  • make lewd gestures to perfect strangers
  • fist fight

Thanks Joey for visiting Fredericton, writing your amazing stories, and being so fucking awesome.


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