WaggishFriday is alone and sick of it.

21 May

Since it’s Waggish Friday I thought I’d take some time to air some laundry, no undies I swear.

Now if you’ve been following STiR for some time you’ll know that back in March I unleashed myself from Facebook and Twitter, there by dissociating myself from nearly every person in my life. Before I did it occurred to me that this would put a big strain on what friendships I had left after a falling apart with the greater circle of peers I had previously associated myself with. Holy shit tha sentence is far to long. ANWAY I knew I stood a very good chance of being left with perhaps five or six friends. I underestimated the power of social media, forgive me oh great and powerful Bill and Steve, I have virtually sinned.

I now stand-alone. An Island. (no man may be, but then again Paul could onl really speak for himself anyhow)

I have my cats and my father. For a young woman of nearly 22, there is a price to be paid for being the most different of all. The same inescapable spark that makes me who I am and for which I had to escape Art School for has chased me down again and brought me to this barren place. I’m not depressed, merely lonely. Contrary to what the select few humans who know me think, I don’t wish to be alone. This would surprise them I’m sure, seeing as how I constantly state otherwise.

Wishing to be alone is merely what I see as the bearable alternative to immersing myself in the lifestyle of my peers. Is it so much to ask for a little common understanding? A few brethren? Commonality, acceptance, understanding, respect, and a team like effort in the face of all that surrounds us. Fuck it all, is the only way to join a commune or cult?

There has to be a was of connecting with people who’d rather discuss the Large Hadron Collider rather than whether so-and-so want’s to date so-and-so, or “isn’t Family Guy funny?”.

(The answer to that by the way is no you inbred, low brow, creep)


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