All I All I All I wanna do

3 May

Is play IMVU.

I started back in 10/07/09

For some reason I stuck to it, like a hobby, I don’t spend real money just fake online earned credits by answering partner surveys.

I don’t even talk to people on IMVU any longer, I just obsessively buy clothes and shit for my avi (avatar. As far as I know none of my peers play so as usual I’m incapable of sharing my interests. My user name is “onbeyondade”

And here’s a picture of my avi atm:

There are lots of reasons I enjoy playing.

I know that since I started playing I’ve gained an insight into and appreciation for the people who like watching and reading fantasy.

It’s fun to forget the real world once and awhile, I see that. But still, hobbits? No thanks.

You meet all kinds on IMVU;  furry, leather, goth, slut, hooman haters, demon, angle, devil, lycan, dragon, dj, princess,  mermaid/man, emo, scene, norm, plain, hippy, hipster, anarchist, liberal, raver, rap star, vampire, slave, master, etc. I like to think we create the person we wish we were. I do. If you have nothing to do you should join and come chat with me! ^^


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