28 Apr

Today we’re featuring Sir Isaac Newton and his heretic ways! WOOOH!

So along with being on the absolute top of scientific knowledge and discovery to this day and being only likened to everyone’s favorite mathematician Albert Einstein, Isaac was how should I put it? Oh, that’s right. Stark raving mad. Now I know every genius that ever walked this planet had a “thing”, Van Gough had his cousin/manic depression, and Mozart had family issues (to say the least). But Issac had a bit of an obsession with Gods coded message in the bible concerning the Apocalypse. Yeah that’s right, Mr. Newton was a closet Christian fanatic. He spent the better part of his career secretly discovering the date of the end of days. He died never telling a documented soul about his discovery, experts are convinced he meant for our generation to find his secret work and prepare ourselves for the end of time which Newton predicted would be approximately 2060. So now if we survive 2012, we get to worry for another 58 years about the possible end of our existence as the unwashed unsaved and down right asshole masses.

I’m rooting on 1012.


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