Day 23, An Update

19 Mar

I had a dream, and now I’m wondering if all of the arrows point towards the obvious. Do you believe in fate? I don’t. But I do believe in omens.

paPer citiEs…

Men that burn

Homes of revolutionaries

“Let it not be said that you sinned in the silence” – Davis Fleetwood

My Father is in the hospital

Youth is falling apart

There is no money

My mind is racing, and where is my heart?

And as before, some 10 years ago I find myself in smaller shoes. Just wondering how I’ll keep it all together, keep us all together.

Forgive me please if when you wake one crisp morning if I should have not closed the door on my way out.

I see events unfolding before me so clearly, and I see the walls closing in. My heart is tearing with idea of cowardly escaping into an unknown future. But if not now when? Loose ties will be mended as best I can, but forgive me if I am not as good as you hoped I’d be. Call me selfish, but I want to be free.


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