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In September 2007 I was a freshman at NBCCD (New Brunswick College of Craft and Design) hoping to major in Sculpture. The classes were small but lengthy, and it didn’t take long till the other students and I got to know one another. On one ordinary day in our break from 1st year design class, and classmate and I were chatting while heading towards the entrance to a stairway. Upon opening the door and stepping into the stairway we (closing the door behind us and peering down the first level of stairs) instinctively moved to our right, out of the way of a young man who was moving up the stairs, she looked at us with a friendly face, and steadily moved passed us. There was a good thirty seconds of silence between my friend and I before we looked at one another, thought for another moment and then I asked her if she had just saw what I had saw. She nodded, and we both turned to see the door behind us still closed, and with no trace of the young man.
Chilled, we shuffled down the remaining two floors talking quickly about what we had not only witnessed but felt. We decided not to describe the scene to one another and instead to grab a snack, head back to class and (being art students) sketch what we had just witnessed. At the end of the class we compared notes, or in the case pictures. The uncanny resemblance confirmed an eerie theory, a ghost?
Nearly a week went by before the story was finally told to a few of the staff of the college. How convenient it was for me to learn that one of my instructors was a ghost hunting hobbyist. She explained that ghost sightings in NBCCD were extremely common and the staff had become accustom to the “antics” of the various ghosts within its hallways. After doing a bit of research into the history of the building it became apparent to me that this building was a hot spot for paranormal activity. With a few accidental yet grisly deaths and the story of a young boy being found in a massive barrel of wine back in the 1800’s when the building was used by the English Soldiers. It’s no wonder things go bump.
But this was not my only encounter with the ghosts of NBCCD. On another occasion, alone in the basement in the early hours of the morning I was returning something to my locker when the light above me went out leaving me in total darkness. Assuming a blown fuse or old light bulb, I felt for the switch. When my hand touched the down turned plastic a chill ran through me, I realised then that the switch had been physically flipped down. Knowing panic wouldn’t get me out of the situation I sternly an maybe a bit too loudly asked that whomever felt they needed to spook me, or bother me in anyway should out right stop, and find someone else to waste their time on. I immediately hit the switch and the lights came on. This happened two more times and different times of the day, but always when I was alone.

It seemed that this was to be a year filled with ghostly activity, there were an immense amount of sightings, most friendly. It soon became apparent that there were truly more than one of these ghosts about the halls of NBCCD when most of the students would speak of harmless oddities that could be blamed on a ghost, gravity, drafts, or faulty lighting such as my encounter. And then we started hearing more and more frequent sightings turning aggressive within one particular area of the college, the Dark Room in the Photo Lab… These stories could go on and on. Anyway that’s enough for now. BYE


4 Responses to “Ghosts”

  1. Janet Creighton March 20, 2010 at 12:20 AM #

    Ohhh…. that gave me chills…. I have had spirit encounters also…. especially before going to sleep…. my mother came to see me…. I got out of bed and went into my living room (it was a small apt)…. she was sitting on my couch and smiling at me… it was real….. not a dream….. she looked very young…. and I went over to her and asked where was she …. she just cocked her head and mentally told me that I knew….. she disappeared… I was not afraid.. and went back to bed… It felt good to see her.

    I have just started my blog…
    Book Clamor where I am trying to talk about the sighting of spirits and also about books (I love books).. I have written two.. about people and ghosts… my novels contain many real experiences..
    you should write a book about your school experiences…..
    I hope you will share more of it….if you don’t mind, I am going to copy a part of your posting and link it back to your blog….. :)

    • onbey April 5, 2010 at 1:37 AM #

      I don’t mind at all! Thank you very much for sharing your story with me!

  2. Janet Creighton March 20, 2010 at 12:38 AM #

    Sorry, I tried to copy and link back to you..but it will not publish… but your blog is listed under my blog role list.

    • onbey April 5, 2010 at 1:35 AM #

      Oh that’s alright, I’m happy to have your support!
      May I have a link to your blog?

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